About Us

Lizzy Lime is a ground-floor online boutique offering amazing items at incredible prices, while simultaneously loving on customers through fun gifts & surprises. 
We understand that sometimes you have to choose between feeding your children or grabbing a little somethin' somethin' for yourself - that's where we come in - with Lizzy Lime, you can do both!
We provide cutesy fun things, organizational things, helpful things, party things, kid things, family things, crafty things, blingy things, handmade things, unique things and more at very affordable prices.
Since we are so new and still working through kinks, don't be surprised if you receive and an extra special goody just for sharing with your friends 
And hang with us...there will be plenty more 'Lizzy Lime love-gifts' headed your way!
And here's a picture of me and my family-I have 3 young kids and a hot firefighter hubby...we love game nights, pizza & just hanging out-I'm super blessed!